Bostonian Resolution

Taking my own photographs of Boston to expose the charming, historical, and epic city she really is

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Hi loves…..

I need help with my Instagram account. I joined Instagram when it first started and my username is pretty much my email address rjordan1623. I know completly orginal, haha. I want to spruce my username up and am seeing if anyone has anything creative.
I would love to have your input. Gracias

thelonelyhomo asked: I go to college in Boston and right now I'm back at home for the summer. Looking at your pictures makes me both miss the city and can't wait to return. It's funny how this city feels like more of a home to me than my actual home does. I absolutely love your pictures, you make Boston look beautiful.

You are coming back just in the time for Fall. It’s wonderful how this city can love being able to call this place a home

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